The main purpose of this startup is to provide the rural parts of Pakistan with the facilities to up come their domestic needs and wants daily. It wants the people to server a neat and clean cooking atmosphere, and server the hungry of their selves.

A startup, named as Jaan Pakistan, from lahore is starting up building steps to facilitate such people. They have turned this in to their ambition and adventure to spread away smiles on the faces of every needy Pakistani. It is launching a new range of cooking item that they have distributed among the rural areas of Pakistan, with the purpose of safe, clean, and healthy cooking habits.

 “Half the funds we raise will be channeled towards our efforts in low income communities across Pakistan” – Khizr Imran, CEO

The study for this server has shown that about 55% of the people in Pakistan still use the old method including, woodfire, dung cake burning etc, to server their hungry. This startup has organized a list of such areas and people and is taking up steps to help them.

Cooking through these ld method is provide to be unhealthy and can cause up diseases of worst kind.

Honestly, I never thought I was going to be researching or selling stoves. Nor did I imagineclean cooking stoves could save lives” – Khizr Imran


“Flying back to Lahore, I was only thinking about those heaters. On my return, I started stringing together a team of similarly motivated individuals. Soon, when we stepped into the field, and started surveying low-income communities outside Lahore, we discovered a myriad of other problems ─ and the demand for warm water was not among them.”, recalls Khizr.

“Most of the people complained about the rising cost of firewood. Some even said they spent a quarter of their income on buying firewood. We knew immediately we had to change gear.”


Crowdfunding platform, has also joined up hands to help jaan Pakistan in this goodwill act. They are also putting up efforts tofacilitates and aware the people of Pakistan with these methods. To get more information about this, visit:


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