Pakistan has officially acknowledged engaging in retaliatory actions within Iran. In a statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was declared, “This morning, Pakistan conducted a series of precisely coordinated military strikes targeting terrorist hideouts in the Sistan-o-Baluchistan province of Iran.” The intelligence-based operation, codenamed ‘Marg Bar Sarmachar,’ resulted in the elimination of numerous terrorists.

Over the past few years, Pakistan has consistently communicated its serious concerns to Iran regarding safe havens and sanctuaries utilized by Pakistani-origin terrorists identifying themselves as Sarmachars within the ungoverned spaces of Iran. Pakistan provided multiple dossiers containing concrete evidence of the presence and activities of these terrorists. The statement highlighted the lack of action on these concerns, allowing the so-called Sarmachars to continue causing harm to innocent Pakistanis.

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The statement continued, stating that the morning’s action was taken based on credible intelligence indicating an imminent large-scale terrorist threat posed by the Sarmachars. It emphasized Pakistan’s unwavering commitment to protecting its national security and praised the professionalism of the Pakistan Armed Forces in executing the complex operation.

While affirming respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the statement clarified that the sole objective of the action was to safeguard Pakistan’s own security and national interests. It underscored Pakistan’s adherence to the principles of the UN Charter, including the territorial integrity and sovereignty of member states.

Highlighting Pakistan’s role as a responsible member of the international community, the statement declared that the country would not allow its sovereignty and territorial integrity to be challenged under any circumstances. Despite the military action, Pakistan expressed its regard for Iran as a brotherly country, expressing a commitment to dialogue and cooperation in addressing common challenges, particularly the menace of terrorism.

The statement concluded by emphasizing Pakistan’s respect and affection for the Iranian people, underscoring a continued dedication to seeking joint solutions through dialogue and cooperation to confront shared challenges.


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