Pakistan and China to Launch Historic Moon Mission Together

Pakistan is set to embark on a groundbreaking lunar mission with the launch of ICUBE-Q on May 3, which will be carried out in collaboration with China’s Chang’e 6 robotic exploration mission. This historic event will be broadcast live on IST’s website and social media platforms. The primary objective of the mission is to retrieve lunar surface samples from the far side of the Moon for scientific research upon their return to Earth.

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ICUBE-Q, a satellite developed jointly by IST, Shanghai University SJTU, and Pakistan’s national space agency SUPARCO, will be part of this ambitious project. CubeSats like ICUBE-Q, with their compact size and standardized design, are pivotal in advancing scientific research, technological innovation, and educational initiatives in space exploration.

Pakistan’s participation in this lunar mission underscores its dedication to space exploration and collaboration with China in pushing the boundaries of scientific research and technological development on a global scale.


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