Amir Baloch, the Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan Railways, officially inaugurated the ‘Premium Lounge,’ a cutting-edge dining car located at Lahore Railway Station on Thursday. This initiative is geared towards enhancing the overall passenger experience by providing a contemporary and comfortable dining facility. The ‘Premium Lounge,’ connected to the Bahauddin Zakariya Express, marks the initial step taken by Railways management to upgrade their facilities. During his interaction with the media, the Chief of Pakistan Railways emphasized the importance of elevating passenger experience, improving food and beverage standards, and ensuring value for money in the design of the dining car.

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In the upcoming phase, Railways plans to equip the Hazara Express with the same modern amenities as the Bahauddin Zakariya Express. Baloch underscored the commitment of Pakistan Railways to offering passengers top-notch facilities despite various challenges. He disclosed that the project was implemented in collaboration with a private firm on a ‘Develop-and-run’ basis.

Responding to queries, the Chief Executive revealed that the Lahore dining car contract is valid for one year, providing bedding services to passengers at Rs 250 each.

Furthermore, he shared that the dining car has the capacity to accommodate 45 passengers simultaneously, offering a menu with more than 40 dishes. The car is equipped with an oven for freshly baked ‘roti,’ and options such as barbecue and pizza will also be available.

Additionally, the Railways management has outlined plans to introduce several other dining cars to trains in the upcoming days.


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