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Patent for new EV drive announced by Huawei

On Thursday of this week, Huawei Digital Energy Technology proceeded on to announce a patent for “an electric vehicle drive system and electric vehicle” – which ended up showing a new drive system.

The patent was actually filed all the way back in September of last year, but went public just recently. It goes on to show a motor, an engine, a connecting component as well as a differential that comes with tweaks that have the potential to improve the driving flexibility of an EV, and also, at the same time, the potential to improve its mileage as well.

The drive system actually includes a first motor, a second motor, an engine and also a first connection assembly, a second connection assembly and a third connection assembly. It also goes on to include both a first differential and also a second differential.

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The engine is in fact connected to the first electric motor via the aid of the first connection assembly, and this happens to be connected to the first differential via the aid of the second connection assembly and/or the first connection assembly. The first motor happens to be connected with the first differential via the aid of the second connection assembly.

A second motor is then connected to the second differential assembly courtesy of the third connection assembly. All in all, this is how the entire system lines up.

Just last month also, the Huawei Auto COO in Wang Jun proceeded on to express his belief that true driverless cars will end up arriving over the course of the next five to ten years, and while holding up this claim, the COO also ended up claiming that this will change the current state of cars forever. Of course this is indeed something which many experts in relation to the industry have come to expect!


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