A more slimmer and matte black look of the PlayStation 4 is out in the market for sales.

Seller Adam is the one who has initiated this amazing look of the PlayStation that looks totally different and marvelous. This “slim line model” comes up for a price of  £295 ($385).

Sony is setting up a meeting on Sept. 7, in New York City.

It has been claimed that it will be on the 4K gaming-enabled PS4, code named “Neo.”

A stealth retail has disclosed the reason for the disclosure of this new model. The Gumtree seller’s is a smaller version of this.

Some of the images of this gaming monster have been obtained from which have shown that this new version has no optical audio port. This is the main cause this thing is available in a smaller piece of amount as compared to the last one.

The newer version costs for about $349 from most retailers.The PEGI, the European has equivalent to the U.S.-based Entertainment Software Ratings Board for the logo display of this thing.


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