Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is considering to come up with a system called Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) to block the illegal and counterfeit mobile handsets being used across the country which are becoming a serious threat to the public day by day.This system will also help in locating the stolen phones as long as their IMEI numbers are with their users.The telecom watchdog will design DRIBS which will operate as Centralized Equipment Identity Register to discourage use of mobile handsets and tablets imported through smuggling.PTA will maintain a list of allowed IMEIs (imported legally, PTA approved IMEIs, IMEIs paired with CNICs etc.) to be allowed to register with local networks. All other IMEIs, called blacklisted phones/tablets will not be able to get registered with cellular networks.DIRB will introduce a mechanism which will allow mobile operators and producers to report any mysterious activity giving even a glimpse of stolen devices.End users and retailers will verify IMEI validity of their mobile phones,mobile companies will be strictly advised to report stolen devices once identified and more.All the hardware,software and infrastructure of this system will be managed by PTA itself. DIRBS is not only going to help in stopping the import of such devices by gey channels but also going to eradicate the illegal devices currently being used in the country as well.Helping in stopping terrorism,criminal,illegal acts and corruption.Furthermore, DIRB will facilitate importers of authorized devices to continue import of genuine mobile devices through legal import channels. In other words, DIRBS and its successful implementation will benefit the entire mobile ecosystem in Pakistan.


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