This is not the first time that employee are facing discomfort at PTCL. It has been three time since past that PTCL has offered a Volunteer Separation Service. However even if the employee does not want to avail Volunteer Separation services, PTCL would simply transfer them to other areas within short notice. Now obviously not everyone can leave his or her family and go to other place for job, so they would simply resign. PTCL has been practicing this on old and experienced employees as well.

However, the employee who accepts the transfer orders from PTCL, was then never cleared as to in which area he was transferred and where he has to report. Employees also reports that PTCL is not even offering any benefits after retirement which makes workers more depressed at times. PTCL also transfers Head Quarter Staff to Regional Offices without the consent of Employee which ultimately results in his or her resignation. Recently PTCL has fired 40 contractual employee and Transferred 50 employee within one hour.

This might be one of the major reason that PTCL staff is never helpful and decline their performance as they are not working willingly but forcefully. Obviously if people wont find any helpful customer care, they would simply switch to other telecom companies services. Also If PTCL would loose its experienced staff then performance graph would decline and if the experience staff join any competitor of PTCL then obviously other companies will rise in performance. Its out of understanding that PTCL is the only brand which disregards its experience workers.

Now the retired staff is complaining about their rights which were never delivered even after the acceptance from apex court. They blame PTCL on not serving their employees as per their right. Also They have plead to PTA and supereme court to look into the matter as for all the services they have provided to the PTCL, they are getting nothing but the ignorance


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