Punjab’s Interim Chief Minister, Mohsin Naqvi, has introduced a groundbreaking initiative aimed at offering residential plots to journalists, photographers, and cameramen, with a special 15% quota reserved exclusively for journalists. During a ceremony held at the Chief Minister’s Office on Sunday, Naqvi announced a historic development for Punjab, disclosing plans to allocate 3,300 residential plots to reporters and media professionals through a transparent balloting process.

In this innovative step, reporters will be awarded 7-marla residential plots, while cameramen and photographers will receive 3-marla residential plots through a fair and transparent balloting mechanism. The eligibility criteria for obtaining these plots will be unveiled in an advertisement scheduled for Monday, January 22. The Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) will disseminate information to the journalist community, outlining the procedures for acquiring these plots.

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Reflecting on the one-year milestone of the current government, Naqvi acknowledged the persistent demand from journalists in various cities for substantial measures to improve their welfare. He expressed, “Wherever I go, the consistent request from the journalist community is to address their concerns effectively. Today, we have fulfilled our commitment to our journalist brothers by providing them with a tangible solution.”

Naqvi empathized with the fact that a significant number of journalists lead modest lifestyles, facing financial challenges. He underscored the crucial issue of housing for journalists, recognizing it as a fundamental need across Punjab, including the city of Lahore.


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