Pakistani music sensation Aima Baig has embarked on a spiritual journey to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah amidst the influx of millions of pilgrims to the Kingdom.

The acclaimed singer departed from Pakistan to Mecca, accompanied by her family members, as they boarded a flight for the holy city.

Aima Baig
Ramadan 2024 Aima Baig Touches Down in Saudi Arabia for Umrah

Baig shared moments from the journey, capturing herself and her family aboard the plane. Despite the hustle and bustle of the Umrah season, the diva appeared fatigued but eager for the pilgrimage.

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Fans are eagerly anticipating glimpses of Aima as she performs Umrah and shares candid snapshots from the sacred sites.

While Baig is widely recognized for her chart-topping songs and captivating performances, she has now captured attention for her spiritual journey. Her dedicated fan base eagerly awaits her upcoming albums, as she continues to shine in the music scene with her mesmerizing tracks and performances.


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