In a bid to enhance road safety and reduce traffic accidents, the Lahore Traffic Police has initiated a crackdown targeting individuals driving vehicles without valid licenses. Alongside this enforcement effort, the city’s traffic police have introduced a revised fee structure for driving license across various categories, effective from January 16, 2024.

Motorcycle D-License Fees – January 2024: Previously, the government collected Rs550 for a motorcycle driving license with a five-year validity period. However, as of January 16, 2024, residents of Punjab will be required to pay Rs500 annually for this license.

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Car and Jeep Driving License Fee Update: Formerly, the Punjab government imposed a fee of Rs950 for a five-year D-license for cars or jeeps. Under the new fee structure, citizens will now be obligated to pay Rs1,800 per year for the license.

These adjustments in the fee schedule aim to not only regulate the issuance of driving licenses more effectively but also contribute to fostering a safer road environment in Lahore.


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