This year’s NEXUS devices of Google launcher are ready to get a new look.Marlin and Sailfish. Android Police, has brought some of the GIF images to the hotspot that show the new featured designs.

But Google still keeps its sleeves rolled up till the final release of the Android Nougat 7.0.

Here is the preview of the revamped Google launcher that is set to release with the latest Nexus devices:


If you failed to notice, here are the changes that Google has made with its new software:

  • Removed the Google Search bar on top of the screen with a sliding “G” icon. Tapping on the “G” icon opens up the option for searching.
  • You can also access Google’s personal assistant, Google Now (with all the search capabilities) by sliding left on your screen.
  • Google has removed the app drawer icon with the latest update. Instead of the button, you will now have to pull up on the lower dock to reveal your app drawer.
  • The folder icons have been redesigned to feature the preview of the first four apps (or files) in the folder.



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