CM of Punjab, SHEHBAZ SHARIF had joined hands with the Huawei administration of china to embrace of the safe city project.

This is at one side a good project and a good was to say no to the crimes now! In the previous days crimes have been increasing day by day and to control them here’s a good step from the government of Punjab!

Major aspects of Lahore safe city plan

After covering up some major areas of Islamabad, the safe city project is now hit the city of Lahore. For the safety purposes the CCTV cameras have been installed at various parts of the city and there constant click of the CCTV camera would be constantly monitored in the center. Thereby assuring high security and privacy of lives of people In Lahore. The live footages will be connected through the use of 4G technology in Pakistan.

major junctions, roads, commercial areas and other important locations, all will be monitored 24/7 by the cameras.

Huawei healthcare program

If we introduce IT technology in any of the industrial sector it will automatically lead to the betterment of the industry. This is one of the major objective of the HUAWEI HEALTH PROGRAM.

The main aim is to acquire the data for various purposes like data sharing, providing treatments, and suggesting solutions.

The above aims will be obtained and achieved only by remote HD video, remote surgery demonstration, teleconsultation, medical video on-demand, and remote doctor visits.

These two project are the two building steps towards the betterment of the economy!


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