Salman Khan extends his regards to Farhan Ali Waris.

Renowned for his moving Naats and Nauhas, as well as his role as a host on various programs, Farhan Ali Waris is currently deeply engaged in Ramadan transmissions.

Presenting his segment on a private TV channel, he has been conducting enlightening conversations with numerous luminaries and scholars.

In a delightful twist, an unexpected call came through during his show.

The caller was from India, none other than Abbas Aly, the fitness trainer to Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.

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Abbas, who had previously crossed paths with Farhan Ali Waris during Arbaeen, expressed his ongoing support by tuning into this year’s Ramadan transmission.

Moreover, he conveyed Salman Khan’s greetings and disclosed that Salman himself has been following the transmissions.

Farhan Ali Waris was pleased by the call and extended his gratitude to Abbas Aly for the kind words and admiration, marking a moment of joy amidst his Ramadan endeavors.


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