Huawei reported indictment on Samsung back in May, prosecuting the Korean corporation for a few 4G-related patents. And now Huawei is being chased back! Conferring to Reuters, Samsung has also reported an litigation on Huawei moreover related to the similar concern. The Korean chaebol beseeched Huawei in china a few weeks before offending six of their patents. A mediator told the company tried to “resolve this matter amicably”.
Huawei didn’t claim for cash when it reported its litigation and requested for a cross-licensing contract instead. Analyst Lee Do-hoon told Reuters that Samsung possibly wasn’t looking forward to get cash either. he said both sides may have secondary intention instead. . “If you look at the patent battle with Apple and Samsung. it ultimately created a lot of benefits for Sam sung in a kind of an advertisement,” he explained.
Sam  sung’s impulse on the other side might be to enforce Huawei to get established as soon as possible!


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