Following a series of rigorous drop and scratch tests, PBKreviews has gone a step further with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, providing an initial glimpse into the internal workings of Samsung’s flagship 2024 model. Inside, notable features include pull tabs for the battery and an enlarged vapor chamber. The introduction of pull tabs is a positive change, addressing the historical use of glue to secure batteries, making them more challenging to remove.

The upgraded vapor chamber is a highlight, expected to enhance thermal management capabilities, surpassing those of the previous year’s model. The teardown video includes comparison images of the vapor chambers in the Galaxy S23 Ultra and S24 Ultra, providing perspective on the improvements.

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Despite the larger vapor chamber, it’s important to note that the phone’s thermal performance doesn’t quite match gaming phones with dedicated active cooling systems. This means potential thermal throttling in demanding games like Genshin Impact unless an additional cooling solution, such as Asus cooling fans, is employed.

Notably, the US version of the S24 Ultra boasts integrated 5G mmWave antennas in the frame, a detail highlighted at the 6:15-minute mark in the video. Impressively, the Galaxy S24 Ultra has achieved an impressive repairability score of 9/10, echoing the same high score as its predecessor.


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