Samsung’s Curved quantum dot Monitor coming to CES

Samsung’s Curved quantum dot Monitor coming to CES 2017

As CES is not too far, so various tech provider companies are implying great struggles to create an impact of their upcoming wares on consumers before the launch of the event. Samsung has also come up with its refreshed horses to compete in this race. With latest CH711 quantum dot curved monitor, Samsung is planning to overcome electronics market again.

CH711 came up with two sizes 27 and 31.5-inch displays. One of the amazing features of CH711 is 2560 x 1440 (WQHD) resolutions. Spontaneously, Samsung is endorsing the distinct and deep 1800R curvature of the screen, a response time of 1ms, viewing angle of 178-degrees and 125% of sRGB colors. Many gamers like cluster free, simple and clean setup for gaming, so Samsung has solved this problem by hiding cables in the base.

Mysteriously, Samsung hasn’t mentioned some of the most important specs of this latest monitor, like refresh rate, color schemes that whether or not colors are in 8 or 10-bit. The peer is yet to be solved as OLED (typically used by LG) is better than the recent technology used by Samsung quantum dot display.

We find it worth mentioning that OLEDs can face an issue of not catching pace must fast, while quantum dot screen can adapt to fast-changing colors more efficiently. Disregarding of the fact that gamers mostly suits their self for a high refresh rate which is quite competitive in play if the refresh rate is less than 120, 144 or even 60Hz.

More about its price and availability is still unknown. But it will be certainly revealed at CES 2017, where Samsung will debut this monitor alongside other new hardware.




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