Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week at ICCBS, Karachi University

TECH’s Event on "How to Scale Up Your Startup?" at Global Entrepreneurship Week, ICCBS

TECH’s Event on “How to Scale Up Your Startup?” at Global Entrepreneurship Week, ICCBS

ICCBS saw the biggest event of all times, “Global Entrepreneurship Week”, at Karachi University, Incubation Center on Friday 18th, 2016.

Held with the aim to work on and boost entrepreneurship, the event incorporated four panel discussions to mark the beginning of an infinite era for digitizing and moving towards the betterment of technological sector.

Renowned personalities from different business sectors were part of the panel discussion to speak on diverse yet engaging topics. The welcome address of the event was done by Professor Dr. M. Iqbal Choudhary – Director of ICCBS. After this phenomenal address, the Patron in Chief, ICCBS – Prof Dr. Atta Ur – Rehman wonderfully talked about “Knowledge Economy – The Way Forward”, bringing the need for economic development in the country. He discussed about the importance why to lead the economy through startups.

Then came the part of panel discussions. The topic and speakers for the discussion were as follows:

Topic 1: To invest or not to invest



  1. Mr. Rizwan Khan Panelist and Moderator Founder Bizstructures
  2. Mr. Arshad Ashraf Panelist Founder, One Market Capital
  3. Mr. Omar Bayat Panelist, Entrepreneur & Investor
  4. Mr. Hafiz Saqif, PanelistDirector Global Deployment, Afiniti

Representing different companies, these professionals talked about the reasons why one should invest. Interestingly, the audience applauded and loved the ideas with enthusiasm.

Topic 2: Youth Empowerment



  1. Mr. Kanwal Masroor Panelist & amp; Moderator Entrepreneur
  2. Mr. Nasir Zaidi Panelist Paradise Group of Educational Institutions
  3. Mr. Fahad Naseem Panelist Chairman, Stanmore Group of Institutions

TECH Pakistan’s Founder and Vice Chairman – Mr. Kanwal Masroor along with Mr. Nasir and Mr. Fahad, amazingly spoke on youth empowerment. They took the initiative to bring the experiences of their own startups, how they started, having no money and place but the inspiration to work from a single computer and work motivated them to advance further. The idea was to never give up, whatever it takes.

Topic 3: Women Power: Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurship



  1. Ms. Alveena Agha, Panelist & Moderator Faculty Entrepreneurship- Kasbit
  2. Ms. Shaheen Khan, Panelist Khanz Designs
  3. Ms. Farzana Khan, Panelist FPCCI, General Manager, Binary Vibes Pvt. Ltd

These leading ladies talked about ways women can contribute in the economic development of our country. Bringing in entrepreneurial opportunities, they discussed about sectors where women are currently playing their part alongside different people and have leading positions.

Topic 4: Karachi: City of Opportunities


  1. Mr. Khawaja Bilal, Panelist Director, SRK Group of Industries
  2. Mr. Faisal Bin Badar, Panelist Strategist | Entrepreneur | Consultant | Trainer CEO, F.B.Badar Training & amp; Consultancy
  3. Mr. Shoaib Shamsi, Panelist & Moderator Professor & Director Shamsi Builders
  4. Mr. Jawad Khan, Panelist & Moderator

Bringing a very good topic and speaking to open up the opportunities people have living in this city, the speakers talked that no city in the world is comparable when it comes to doing business in Karachi. The reason is that people from different backgrounds, culture, religion, taste, caste and creed reside in the city and one can opt different ways for benefiting from these people.

Topic 5: How to Scale up your startup?


  1. Mr. Junaid Mansoor, Panelist & Moderator CEO, Tajmac Solutions
  2. Mr. Sameer Shamsi, Panelist VP & Director, e-Creatorz (Pvt) Ltd
  3. Mr. Fahad Ahmed, Panelist EVP, PMI Karachi

The last discussion marked the start of a very interesting topic that how startups can reach a new level by expanding. The speakers discussed ways to expand business with marked success.

TECH Pakistan has been ever fruitful in initiating entrepreneurial activities through its participation in events concerning startups. The Team TECH is actively working to promote startups, to help them with their ideas and work. In the last, TECH owes greatly to Mr. Azfar Hussain for his complete support and quick arrangements which paved way for the event’s success.






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