After the brilliant 6GB phones, what else can we expect now! Now the 8 GB RAM smartphones are finally here. Many of the people are still in the vibe of the wonderment of the 6GB smartphone, but even more astonishing phone is about to come to the markets. LeEco Le 2, a phone that features an 8 GB memory.

This phone is one of the brilliant phone with one of the outstanding features out will obviously get the attention of a variety of people in minutes.

GizChina, reports that the phone features a display screen of, 5.5-inch 2.5D, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 and 64 GB worth storage. The design of the phone is extremely thin and super sleek.

The launch of the phone is reported to occur on September the 7th, apparently the day on which the new iPhone also hits the markets.One other most interesting feature of the phone is its headphone jack.But we still have to wait quiet much longer to experience this phone.



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