A two-day event at IoBM marked the successful partnering of TECH Pakistan in 2nd International Conference on Entrepreneurial Engineering (ICEE 2016) held on, 27th and 28th August’2016.

Serving to a much applauding audience; Mr. Kanwal Masoor – Chairman TECH, Mr. Zeeshan Rehman, Mr. Syed Azfar Hussain, Mr. Rizwan M Khan and Mr. Ubaid Younus were part of the conference from TECH contributing to its success.

The two day event also saw Mr. Azhar Rizvi – The Evangelist, Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Entrepreneur who shared his inspirational views and experience relating to the topic making it an exceptional event.

The conference went extremely positive as great feedback was received on the overall setup. The speakers shared their expertise with the participants and made it possible to deliver their fruitful thoughts in even the most challenging setup.

Mahnoor Amin, organizer of ICEE 2016 complimented on TECH Pakistan’s initiative saying, “Thank you not only for participating by sharing your expertise with our participants, but in being willing to coordinate a program in a completely virtual classroom setting.”.

ICEE 2016 explored the journey of research and development in the field of engineering and sciences. The whole concept revolved around the idea of prototype projects to products to profits. Experts from different industries shared their experiences of ventures, research papers, different discussions on topics and even case studies.

TECH Pakistan sees this conference a big achievement. With such captivating proceedings, the day is not far that TECH Pakistan will be playing a vital role in making the technological industry bridge its gap with the digital world, and the young blood and also prosper the name of Pakistan in these reputed fields.



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