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Videos of 17-Year-Old Pakistani Pacer Utilized by England’s Cricket Academy for Fast Bowling Instruction.

England’s Cricket Academy Incorporates Videos of 17-Year-Old Pakistani Pacer to Teach Fast Bowling Techniques.

Former English fast bowler Ian Pont, who now operates a fast bowling academy in England, recently revealed that they incorporate video clips of emerging Pakistani fast bowler Muhammad Zeeshan to inspire budding talents at their academy. Pont, who runs the National Fast Bowling Academy in the UK, emphasized the use of video clips as instructional tools to demonstrate proper techniques, highlighting Zeeshan as a recent addition to their teaching materials.

Pont pointed out two key aspects of Zeeshan’s bowling technique. Firstly, he highlighted the powerful arm pull, noting that due to Zeeshan’s towering height of 6 feet 8 inches, his wide wingspan creates a significant catapult effect, a positive attribute. However, Pont also raised a concern about Zeeshan’s tendency to lean towards cover point or extra cover after releasing the ball, suggesting a potential issue with his upper body positioning.

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Expressing some apprehension about potential injury risks, especially concerning Zeeshan’s lower back, Pont underscored the stress on the young bowler’s system, considering his speed of 140 Kph and ongoing growth with yet-to-reach full bone density. While acknowledging the sensational start of Zeeshan’s action, Pont expressed a desire to see corrective measures implemented to address certain aspects.

The 17-year-old tall fast bowler showcased his skills in the recent U19 Asia Cup, claiming 6 wickets against Nepal and 4 crucial wickets against India, contributing significantly to the team’s victories in both matches. Currently participating in the U19 Cricket World Cup in South Africa, Zeeshan played a pivotal role in the team’s success by taking three crucial wickets in the opening game against Afghanistan.


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