Mufti Qavi Caught on Camera Partying at Nightclub in Viral Video

Pakistani cleric Mufti Abdul Qavi continues to grab attention for all the wrong reasons, as yet another leaked video of him partying is making rounds on the internet. The contentious scholar, who was stripped of his Mufti title by his family earlier this year due to his questionable conduct, shows no signs of slowing down despite numerous scandals.

In the latest clips captured surreptitiously on a mobile phone, Mufti Abdul Qavi can be seen enjoying himself with a few female companions, indulging in the nightlife of an undisclosed foreign location. The women accompanying Qavi appear to be dancers, embracing him and showcasing their moves. Although the exact location of the footage remains undisclosed, the clips have proliferated across the internet.

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Mufti Abdul Qavi has faced severe criticism and backlash in the past, notably after controversial Tiktoker Hareem Shah leaked lewd videos involving him. Qavi’s reputation has been marred by allegations of alcohol and drug consumption, as well as his involvement in late-night revelries.


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