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Vivo’s CEO Mr. Eric Kong Shares Insights on Groundbreaking Tech and Commitment to Pakistan’s Tech Future in Exclusive Interview with NetMag.

Embark on a journey through Vivo’s innovation landscape as CEO Mr. Eric Kong shares insights into groundbreaking technologies, camera-centric excellence, and the brand’s commitment to shaping the future of technology in Pakistan in an exclusive interview with NetMag.”

In the fast-paced world, smartphone companies strive to meet evolving consumer demands and introduce cutting-edge technologies. vivo, with a history of providing fashion-forward and camera-centric devices at competitive prices, remains committed to mobile photography innovation. Guided by the BENFEN philosophy, Vivo’s aims to deliver the best technology and a superior user experience, building strong connections with a community deeply interested in photography and futuristic smartphone technologies.

vivo has curated a diverse range of series to address consumer aspirations in Pakistan, offering a variety of well-suited smartphones. In an exclusive interview with NetMag, vivo Pakistan’s CEO Mr. Eric Kong shares insights into Vivo’s innovation, technology, partnerships, and the latest smartphones.

Vivo’s CEO Mr. Eric Kong Shares Insights on Groundbreaking Tech and Commitment to Pakistan’s Tech Future in Exclusive NetMag Interview.

Q: Looking back on 2023, how would you describe vivo’s journey in Pakistan? What were the key milestones and achievements that stand out for the brand in the past year?

ANS: 2023 has been a remarkable year for vivo. Not only we completed six years in Pakistan, but we also introduced a range of smartphones that received favorable responses from Pakistani customers. Our core remained pivoted to following a customer-centric approach to deliver the best-in-class innovative products and services to our patrons. Guided by the Benfen philosophy, vivo places a premium on doing the right thing and doing it right, emphasizing consumer satisfaction over mere sales figures.

Dive into the world of vivo as they recount their 2023 journey, marking six years of innovation in Pakistan, spotlighting milestones, and teasing a future filled with cutting-edge products and services.

The launch of V29 5G featuring our very own innovative Smart Aura Light Portrait, our continued association with internationally acclaimed cricketer Babar Azam, and the ongoing ‘Service Day’ initiative are some of the milestones we captured. As we look ahead, vivo remains dedicated to shaping the future of technology in Pakistan by continuing to deliver cutting-edge products and services that enrich the lives of our valued consumers.

Q: Can you highlight some of the technological advancements that vivo has achieved in Pakistan during 2023? How has the brand contributed to shaping the technology landscape in the country?

ANS: In 2023, vivo stands as a beacon of innovation in Pakistan’s tech landscape. We are committed to push boundaries which is reflected through our groundbreaking features like Gimbal Stabilization for unrivalled videography, In-Display Fingerprint Scanner for seamless security, and Optical Image Stabilization for crystal-clear photos. Setting a new standard in design, Color Changing Glass and Smart Aura Light Portrait showcase our dedication to aesthetics and personalization. The integration of AI in the Night Portrait Feature underscores our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies for an enhanced user experience, particularly in low-light conditions.

Beyond hardware, Vivo’s innovative spirit extends to a strategic local engagement, aligning our offerings with the dynamic preferences of Pakistani consumers, ensuring that our technological advancements not only redefine standards but seamlessly integrate into our users’ daily lives, solidifying Vivo’s position as a trailblazer in shaping the future of technology in Pakistan.

Q: Vivo is recognized for its customer-centric approach. How does the company ensure that customer needs are met on a local level, considering the diverse preferences and requirements in the Pakistani market?

ANS: Our synergies are directed to offer what our customers want to embrace. We seamlessly integrate cutting-edge global technologies like 5G and Artificial Intelligence keeping in mind our “More Local, More Global” strategy.  We actively champion local culture, talent, and consumer inclinations, reflected in our diverse product lineup featuring smartphones like V29 5G, Y73, and Y02t – each designed with a deep understanding of evolving market requirements. Beyond products, our commitment extends to services showcased through impactful initiatives like ‘Service Day,’ providing complimentary cleaning, repairs, and more to exceed the expectations of our valued Pakistani customers. This holistic approach, coupled with strategic expansions, solidifies vivo as a brand deeply attuned to the distinctive pulse of the local market, making advanced technology seamlessly accessible and intriguing for everyone.

Q: Vivo is known as a camera-centric brand. Could you provide insights into the advancements and breakthroughs in Vivo’s camera technology, particularly in the renowned V in Pakistan?

ANS: The V series stands as a testament to vivo’s commitment to redefining the smartphone photography experience in the country. In Pakistan, the V series has been setting a benchmark because of its innovation and technology that cater to the evolving needs of users, especially those who appreciate the art of capturing moments with precision and creativity. A prime example of this commitment is the recently launched V29 5G, a flagship smartphone that exemplifies our relentless pursuit of excellence in camera technology.

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Our V series further echoes our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technologies to the people of Pakistan. Innovations such as Hybrid Image Stabilization, Bokeh Portrait Video, AI HD Algorithm, 4K Cinematic Camera, Super Night Camera, Eye Autofocus, Multi-Style Portrait, Multi-frame Noise Reduction, and more have been seamlessly integrated, ensuring that users experience world-class features that elevate their smartphone photography and videography to unprecedented levels.

Q-With the change in the consumer appetite there is an increase in demand for affordable smartphones in the country, how is vivo addressing the demand with its Y series?

ANS: We understand the dynamic shifts in consumer preferences, especially the growing demand for affordable smartphones in Pakistan. Recognizing the diverse needs of our consumers, we have strategically curated our comprehensive products that cater to every segment and price range. We intend to provide a range of smartphones encompassing vivo’s leading technology and innovative features. Meticulously crafted for the dynamic and tech-savvy younger audience, the Y series offer superior performance, extended battery life, trendy design, and high-definition cameras capturing vivid details. Some of the prominent launches in this series include Y73, Y36, Y27, Y17s, and Y02t, bringing feature-packed devices that resonate with the dynamic preferences of our Pakistani users. We have received an overwhelming response from our consumers that underscores our success in delivering a perfect blend of performance, style, and affordability.

Q: Among the various series offered by vivo, which one performed the best and remained popular throughout the year in Pakistan? What attributes do you believe contributed to its success?

ANS: At vivo, we take immense pride in the widespread appreciation and popularity that all our series have garnered among Pakistani consumers. Each series is meticulously crafted, keeping in mind the diverse demands of our consumers, and is designed to bring forth innovations that cater to their evolving needs. However, the V series has undeniably emerged as Pakistan’s favorite in a short span of time. The launch of flagship smartphones like the V29 5G, V29e 5G, V27e, and the V25 Series has registered significant success, receiving acclaim from consumers and tech experts, media, and influencers alike. The V series’ success can be attributed to its unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology, exceptional camera capabilities, and impeccable performance that resonates with Pakistani consumers.

Q: How do you perceive the competitive landscape for vivo in Pakistan? In what ways does vivo differentiate itself from competitors, and what strategies are in place to maintain or enhance the brand’s market position?

ANS: In the dynamic landscape of the Pakistani smartphone market, vivo navigates its position with a keen understanding of consumer aspirations and ever-evolving technological trends. What sets vivo apart is our commitment to continuous innovation, ensuring that our products meet and exceed the expectations of our diverse consumer base. We differentiate ourselves through cutting-edge technology, meticulous design, and a customer-centric approach that resonates with the vibrant and tech-savvy Pakistani audience. Our commitment to Pakistan allows us to seamlessly introduce the latest technologies to the market while fostering solid connections with the youth, ensuring that our offerings remain accessible and relevant. Additionally, our focus on community engagement, timely product launches, and strategic marketing initiatives underscore our dedication to maintaining and enhancing vivo’s prominent position in the competitive landscape of Pakistan.

Q: Looking ahead to 2024, where do you see opportunities for growth and innovation in the mobile industry, and how is vivo smartphones positioning itself to capitalize on these opportunities?

ANS: With the onset of 5G and 6G communication, we can foresee some more opportunities for growth and innovation coming up in the mobile industry in the next year. At vivo, our progressive approach positions us strategically to capitalize on these prospects. The ongoing evolution of 5G technology and artificial intelligence presents a rich canvas for innovation. We are committed to staying at the forefront of these advancements, ensuring that our products align with and shape the technological landscape. Exploring new design paradigms, enhanced user experiences, and sustainable practices further underscores our commitment to pioneering innovation. As we step into 2024, vivo is poised to leverage these opportunities, fostering a culture of continuous exploration and creativity to deliver cutting-edge solutions that resonate with the ever-changing needs of our global consumers.


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