Education now a day is emerging as the largest business industry. Investors are investing regardless of fulfilling certain criteria and regulation prescribed by governing bodies. Degrees are being awarded regardless of authentication. Few private sector universities in Pakistan are facing a major overhaul by regulatory bodies, concerning about their degree issuance.

The harsh dealing of the owner of Neo News Channel, Superior University and ANMC (Azra Naheed Medical College) Mr. Abdul-Rehman Chaudary with their own students of Pharmacy Department has shocked the observers. You will find this surprising that it’s the same news channel which was earlier protesting against PEMRA for rights of independent journalism. And now they are forcing their students to even stop peaceful protest by violence as it is creating a bad impact of the institute.

The story can be summarized as; students of Pharmacy Department of the Azra Naheed Medical College organized a protest and blocked Raiwind Road for several hours against the varsity over not issuing degrees. Students were holding banners and placards and chanted slogans against the varsity administration and the Pharmacy Department head over his alleged rude behavior with students. Later, students of SU dispersed peacefully.

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The students plead that the degree given by university is not recognized by HEC, Higher Education Commission. After wastage of 2 years in the field and failure in carrier, they were just protesting peacefully outside the college premises, when Mr. Abdul-Rehman came along with his villainous guards and started violence even on female students. Many students were slapped, beaten and abused with harsh words as you can clearly observe in this video.

What would be the condition of those parents, who spent all earnings on their children studies and live hand to mouth, while the pupils are handed over a paper worth nothing? Students were left with no choice after wasting time from one office to other, trying to retrieve their recognized degrees and end up protesting for their rights. While the protest came to an end by villains, so what will be the future of these poor students now? How long does this Education Mafia will prevail? How long students have to suffer from these businesses which are exploiting educational motivation?


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