The warid telecom service has launched a 50 paisa service, through which the customers are offered a service to call on all the networks by the charges of 50 paisa per 30 seconds

Customers spend more on call, SMS or LTE internet, but through this offered service they would be able to save the charges for all the rest!

How to AvailĀ 50 Paisa Offer:

  • Subscribe to offer by dialing *950#
  • Your counter will start as soon as you subscribe
  • Your initial call rate will be 90 paisas per 30 seconds
  • Upon crossing Rs. 100 balance, your call rate will become 80 Paisas per 30 seconds
  • Upon using 400+ balance, your call rate will become 50 paisas per 30 seconds


Terms and Conditions

  • To subscribe to the offer dial *950#
  • Rupee spent on Per unit usage on default voice, sms and data will be counted for threshold calculation
  • Discount is applicable upon spending desired Rupee value as per slab
  • 50 paisa tariff will be applicable on spending Rs 400
  • Billing pulse is 30 sec
  • Discount will be applicable for next 30 days from the date of subscription.
  • After completion of 30days the counter will be reset and calls will be charged at Rs 0.90/30sec
  • Discounted rate is for local networks only and not for international calls
  • All rates are exclusive of tax
  • To check applicable current tariff dial *200*950#
  • No subscription/bundle fees or 3rd party services will be counted in usage calculation
  • Rs 1.2 will be charged for dialing activation string *950#
  • It is a limited time offer
  • To deactivate the offer dial *951#
  • Changes in offer can be done at any time at discretion of Warid
  • Offer is applicable with major prepaid packages only
  • Standard terms, conditions, taxes & and call setup charges apply


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