It seems like the designers of Lenovo are trying to introduce a new fashion in the market of technology, and this time it’s an AIR LAPTOP. Although the rumors indicated the apple’s mac book air as dead now!

Some days earlier, Lenovo introduced its, Xiaomi’s Mi Notebook Air, featured up with Lenovo Air 13 Pro, a 13-inch, Windows 10-based ultra portable with a dedicated graphics chip. The Lenovo Air 13 Pro has a 13.3-inch full HD screen, an Intel Core i5 or i7 (Skylake) processor, 4GB of RAM, 256GB/512GB of SSD storage and Nvidia’s GeForce GTX940MX graphics chip.
It seems to be a dead end for the Xiaomi’s 13-inch, although there are differences. Lenovo initiates up with less RAM — 4GB vs. 8GB- but has a very brilliant fingerprint sensor, and has good quality graphics too. However the price of both are the same, RMB 4,999, or roughly $750. .

talking about the design, it has a with a black keyboard on a gold or silver body and a company logo on the lid. It weighs 2.84 pounds and has a 0.58-inch thick body — exactly like Xiaomi’s Mi Notebook Air, and somewhere in-between Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Air.

Let’s see whether the AIR innovation hits the market with huge sales or nothing at all.


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