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An Exclusive Interview with CEO of Limofied

Limofied- an Australian-owned, rapidly growing ride-share, car-hire and car-booking app, has been launched in Pakistan in a prestigious event at Chai-Kada, Lahore. This app allows passengers using smartphones to submit a trip-request, which is then transmitted to the closest Limofied™ drivers, who use their legally registered exclusive vehicles to provide timely, comfortable, courteous and most economical transportation services to a variety o­­f consumer segments.

The passengers can now book a car for point-to-point travel, airport transfers, weddings or special events for corporate clients and leisure travels, with unmatched convenience and affordability. Soon, these services will also be expanded to all other important cities of Pakistan. Limofied will bring a whole new standard of high quality, professional car-travel services, which Uber and Careem have failed to deliver.

In an exclusive interview given to, CEO of Limofied Technologies Ltd. – Syed Muhammad Kashif Iqbal having a professional back ground of Air Force, as a Communication Engineer (further about confidential info he didn’t disclosed) told about his personal expertise and exposure in business. He said “Before initializing Launch of this app in Pakistan, I and Mr. Zahid Khan Chief technical officer of Limofied Pakistan were already indulged in many businesses and we were settled in Australia. We both decided to launch this app in Australia in 2013 and designed its working pattern which took almost a year. We have to face many hurdles during its working, especially financial hurdles.” “We initialized this app from Sidney, Australia and then took it to USA, Canada, UK and certain countries of Europe, Middle East and Asia as a third party ownership powered by Limofied”, he added.

He elaborated that “Current app you are seeing now is most updated, innovative and user friendly, making us unique from all our competitors”.

Talking about technical aspects he informed media representative that this app will ask you about documents to register, that is if you are signing up from Pakistan it will inquire about respective documents. Limofied delivers an unparalleled degree of reliability. We know how valuable your time is so we offer the service through the best of the industry’s drivers who are always on time.

He told representative that we were very disappointed about the fact that Pakistan is always given third class product while comparing with other countries by almost all Business Hubs and Industries. Same was the case with private transport industry so we thought to deliver quality transport using efficient means. Being a Pakistani living abroad, it was my desire to make innovative contributions to empower the deprived segments in our motherland, through technological solutions, that create sustainable employment opportunities and healthy revenue streams, especially for the new generation. Here we come with our classified ride-booking app which will help economy and business both classes according to their sub-standards. We will provide quality cars with new models with experienced drivers. No vehicle will be more than six years old.

Further he disclosed, “We have many fleet partners around the globe which have partnered in a third party domain. But after Australia it is first time launched exclusive in Pakistan by using same brand name as ‘Limofied’.

While answering a troublesome question regarding comparing with its competitors Uber and Careem he unveiled his self by giving a note that we say in Karachi use Uber when you are going to die and there is no other choice. Well cream is certainly a competitor which will be deprived eventually by applying certain business strategies. We have contacted with already placed stake holders like Ali motors, My Car incorporates who will work on marketing tactics to improve our facilities. Taxi industry is a regularized industry. Our competitors are not legalized industry, and giving surge pricing of about 2.7. We are working on Fair Faire policy; hence we will overcome by giving standard, legalized, updated, quality, cost effective and efficient product.

It must be noted that it is going to be world-class App, website and service center, the customers can access reliable 24/7 facilities, seamlessly connected to its vast network of professional and licensed drivers. An exclusive pin point location strategy will be applied to compete in industry standards. Intra-metro-city travel will also be facilitated on demand by applying standard policies with some modifications.

Economy class will be offered per km fare of 20 rupees, while Business class will be charged 25 rupees for one kilometer. The fair will be clear and transparent.

At the end of the ride, the passengers get an auto-generated e-receipt for the exact amount you have paid. Using proprietary technology, every car in the Limofied fleet is tracked. The passengers can also track their ride through our mobile app. In-app text messages, along with email updates, are sent to the customer, when the car is on its way and when it has arrived at a pick up location.

The Chief Technical Officer of Limofied – Muhammad Zahid Khan stated that: We have created the most innovative exclusive transport-management application, customized to Pakistan’s needs. We have a vision to empower the local businesses by providing them the most versatile platform, to deliver a wide range of world-class services, with unmatched convenience. Limofied has successfully optimized the advantages of today’s revolutionary telecom technologies and mobile networks.

The wide range of Limofied features includes ‘Le Femme’ an exclusive program for nurturing female drivers (Captains), to empower and facilitate women. It promises the ultimate security and peace-of-mind for the female passengers too, who prefer to be driven around by a trained lady-driver. The customers can access reliable 24/7 facilities, through a world-class App, website and service center – seamlessly connected to its vast network of professional and licensed drivers. It is the ideal choice for discerning clients, who value their time & safety, while appreciating quality delivered by the industry’s best drivers, reaching on time.

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