Huawei has been the master inventor in the high technology products over the years. With its unique approach towards Android, Huawei has developed its own Emotion ROM, which has recently gained great popularity and is expected to be re-launched, as EMUI 5.0, after a major upgrade, sometime during fall 2016.

According to industry sources, Huawei has been working on a new major upgrade to the OS – version 5.0, which will bring an entirely new, smartly simplified UI, one closely resembling Stock Android. The current EMUI 4.1 used in the Huawei P9 smartphones is also very advanced, but the newly developed EMUI 5.0 will offer even simpler menu structure and navigation scheme.

Huawei’s Head of Mobiles Division – Li Changzhu stated that; the new EMUI has a new cleaner and minimalist look on the user-interface, while not affecting the original firmware module. This new-found push towards simplicity in the interface is done to resonate better with Western customers. However, this will surely not come at the expense of functionality or options to be customized, which play an important role in EMUI.

Emotion UI 5.0 launch will probably coincide with IFA 2016 in Berlin and in all likelihood, a new Huawei Mate 9 device will be unveiled as a superior smart device in technology and user experience. According to GSM Info; “The EMUI 5.0 will offer an interface that resembles vanilla Android, with a lot more customizable options. The changes are geared towards making EMUI more palatable to a Western audience.

With Huawei’s strong presence in Europe and increasing foothold in the U.S. market, dialing the interface back will go a long way toward making its devices more appealing. The redesign of EMUI 5.0 is being led by chief UX designer – Abigail Brody, who was formerly the creative director for iOS at Apple.

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