NetMag has learnent that PTCL Charji services have been suspended in all cities except Islamabad and Karachi due to unknown reasons.

HOWEVER ACCORDING TO INDUSTRY sources PTCL has an issue of illegal spectrum

It is worth of mention here that the Charji services of the Telecom giant have already been suspended last year as well by the regulator in certain cities, due to same issue and later activated upon paying some fine.

We are trying to reach company’s official spokesperson Imran Janjua and will keep readers updated soonest we will receive any official response from him on behalf of PTCL.

As per industry experts after privatisation PTCL has been focusing more on data as voice customer base has already shrunk, Charji is the latest and most revenue generating product and suspension of this key service may cause huge loss to the company.
Further PTCL had enjoyed it’s position as the premier and the only Charji high speed connectivity but now the market scenario is different with Zong and Warid as alternate and more reliable options for customers,  so let’s see how PTCL reacts to the situation.

Another important factor in this story is role of PTA,  how PTA respond to this and settle this matter on permanent basis with PTCL, as closure of theses services causing huge inconvenience for customers.


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