Over the past 24 hours, the Israeli military has intensified its bombardment on Gaza, resulting in a tragic loss of over 140 lives. Despite international concerns and diminishing support, Israeli forces are now moving into densely populated areas, further escalating the humanitarian crisis. The current death toll has reached a staggering 24,762, with 62,108 reported injuries since the onset of hostilities three months ago.

Amid relentless attacks, many victims remain trapped under rubble, as emergency crews struggle to reach them. The enclave offers no safe havens, leaving approximately 85% of Palestinians displaced and living without shelter. The situation is particularly dire in southern Gaza, where Jewish forces are advancing, putting the most vulnerable populations at risk. Khan Younis continues to be rocked by explosions this week.

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Compounding the crisis, Nasser Hospital, the sole partially operational medical facility in Gaza, is on the brink of shutdown due to ongoing Israeli bombardments. While Israel claims to be targeting Hamas, the mounting civilian casualties suggest a failure to avoid harm to non-combatants.

In addition to the relentless bombing, Gaza is grappling with extended blackouts, with internet services disrupted for the eighth consecutive day – marking the longest period of communication outage since the conflict began. The unfolding situation raises urgent concerns about the well-being of the civilian population and the continued deterioration of essential services.


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