“Potential 8-Day Holiday Period on the Horizon for Students Across Pakistan”

Unverified information circulating on various social media platforms suggests that educational institutions nationwide could potentially observe an 8-day closure next month in light of the scheduled General Election on February 8. According to these reports, schools and colleges would shut down on Sunday, February 4, and on February 5 for Kashmir Day. Subsequently, they may remain closed during the election period from February 6 to 10. Additionally, educational institutions are anticipated to be closed on Sunday, February 11, with plans to reopen on February 12.

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While there are two expected public holidays in February—Kashmir Day on February 5 and the general elections on February 8—these details are yet to be officially confirmed. Earlier reports had indicated a closure of educational institutions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa from February 7 to 9 due to the general elections.

Although officials have reportedly reached a decision, the formal announcement is anticipated in the first week of February. It is worth noting that local authorities might extend the holiday period based on the prevailing circumstances.


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