In the early morning hours of Monday, a devastating fire swept through a mobile market situated in Saddar, Peshawar, leaving behind the charred remnants of numerous shops, warehouses, and storage cabins. Initial estimates from Dawn News indicate that the total damages are approximately Rs. 1.5 billion. The fire rapidly escalated, fueled by exploding mobile batteries, intensifying its destructive path.

Rescue officials’ accounts depict a harrowing scene of the catastrophe. Originating on the fourth floor, the flames swiftly engulfed each level of the structure, inducing panic and chaos among shopkeepers and customers alike. Alongside mobile shops, the fire also consumed battery storage units and numerous repair service stores.

A fleet of more than 30 fire brigade vehicles, supported by four water bowsers, was actively deployed for the ongoing rescue operation. Classified as a third-stage fire, the situation has prompted collaborative efforts from teams representing the Pakistan Army, Air Force, and the Cantonment Board.

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Amidst the tragedy, a ray of hope emerged as Rescue 1122’s dedicated efforts successfully led to the evacuation of four individuals trapped within the Peshawar mobile market shops. While the exact cause of the fire remains uncertain, preliminary reports suggest a short circuit or a gas leak as potential triggers. Following the incident, the district administration took proactive measures by initiating a comprehensive inquiry, pledging relief and support for those affected by the calamity. Thanks to the coordinated efforts of the rescue teams, including military personnel, no lives were lost in the aftermath of the fire.

Swift evacuation of nearby residences prevented additional casualties or harm to the surrounding community. Providing reassurance, Bilal Ahmad Faizi, the spokesperson overseeing the rescue operations, confirmed the absence of reported fatalities, offering a glimmer of hope amidst the tragic events.


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