Most of the net facilities in Pakistan keeps on fluctuating again and again, and are never able to offer constant facility as promised by them.With the advancement of these facilities, gradually came the best speedy connection to which we know as, the 3G and the 4G services. This is basically for people who wish to use high volume of net bytes.The west has already converted back to FTTH and the only reason for that is their reliability and its fast connectivity and speed also.It is a new idea in pakistan.Storm Fibre, a Cybernet company, is now launching its FTTH services in Lahore and Karachi.

You can now get up to 30Mbps for just Rs. 3,999.

You can also experience various uploads and downloads as well in these 30 Mbps.

The packages are shown as:


Please note:

  • Truly unlimited downloads/uploads with no cap whatsoever
  • Prices include internet, TV and phone line
  • Price doesn’t include taxes
  • There’s one time cost of Rs. 12,000 for the CPE
  • CPE can be paid in 12 installments of Rs. 1,200 per month
  • Storm Fiber offers 70 Channels for analog Cable TV
  • Digital Cable TV (with additional set top box) is also available
  • Digital Cable TV comes with 135 channels
  • Set top box is priced at one time cost of Rs. 4,500

Storm Fiber Coverage

  • Karachi
    • Creek Vista
    • DHA Phase 2
    • DHA Phase 4 (Gizri Lanes only)
    • DHA Phase 5
    • DHA Phase 6
    • DHA Phase 7
    • DHA Phase 7-Extension
    • DHA Phase 2-Extension
    • DHA Phase 5 – Army Housing
    • Generals Colony Zamzama
    • Naval Housing Society – Zamzama
    • PECHS (khalid bin waleed road, kashmir road, shaheed-e-millat road certain portion and Muslimabad will be energized in 2 weeks)
    • Karaz – KDA
    • Civil Lines
    • Bath Island
    • The Place
    • The Forum
    • Ocean Mall
    • Clifton (Block 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 and Old Clifton)
  • Lahore
    • PCSIR Phase 1
    • Eden Canal Villas
    • New Muslim Town
    • New Garden Town
    • Usman block, Ahmed block, Abu Bakr block, Garden block, Ali block
    • Johar Town (Block G1,G2 and G3)
    • Gulberg Phase 1 (in 2 weeks)
    • Garden Town Phase 2 (in 2 weeks)
    • Model Town (in a month)
    • SukhChayn (in 2 weeks)

Get Storm Fiber Today:

Here are their phone numbers:


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