Wi-tribe Pakistan, known for providing reliable broadband service in the country is all set to achieve a whole new level of service excellence. Wi-tribe claims that it’s user experience will dramatically improve after the addition of spectrum, effectively doubling its bandwidth to serve its customers.

With this network upgrade, Wi-tribe will offer higher speeds and volumes to address the increasing online appetite of its customers. Now operating with a spectrum of 10 MHz Wi-tribe is geared up to offer even better service levels coupled with its superior customer service.

Ali Fahd Ahmed, CEO Wi-Tribe said, “We experienced great success in the previous years, with the monthly usage per customer increasing almost five times, over the past 6 years. In order to maintain an optimum level of service and online experience we decided to increase our capacity. Through our spectrum upgrade, we are now delivering a bigger, better and faster internet experience to improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.”

On the future of Wi-tribe, Mr. Fahd said, “We are actively engaged with key players across the TMT (Technology, Media and Telecoms) arena to further diversify our offerings, leveraging our strong industry standing and actively synergizing with other partners to increase our portfolio of services.”

Demand for higher internet speeds and faster access has increased since the launch of 3G/4G services. For internet users, GSM operators do provide faster speeds; however, expensive volume bundles limit their usage. W-tribe specifically targeting the home broadband users has the will and the market standing to further strengthen its position in the industry as a premium home broadband provider.


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