: Representing the widespread national fervor, Pakistan’s foremost telecom and digital services provider, Telenor Pakistan, has launched a patriotic song ‘Telenor Rawaan’ to mark the 70thIndependence Day of Pakistan. Dotted withcolors of patriotic sentiment andresolve to strengthen the motherland, the captivating Music Videoisdirected by noted filmmakerJamshed Mahmood Raza, popularly known as Jami (Moor, O21).


Telenor Rawaan takes the viewer on a journey of discovering Pakistan from a whole new angel. It is picturizedin different geographical regions ofPakistan thus takes the viewer on a mystical journey to reacquaint themselves to the country’s picturesque natural scenery and hues of diverse and vibrant local societies.The song, written in five different languages of Pakistan,celebrates the cultural diversity andthe differences thatbind the nation together as a bouquet of varied colors and fragrances.


The newly appointed CEO of Telenor Pakistan, Irfan Wahab Khan and video director Jami formally launched Telenor Rawaanat a magnificent screening event organized by Telenor Pakistan in collaboration with Cinepax Cinemas in Rawalpindi. Large number of audience from various walks of life, including high profile telecom dignitaries, celebrities and media personnel attended the event.


Commenting on what the song signifies, CEO Telenor Pakistan, Irfan Wahab Khan said, “Through this song, we seek to invigorate a sense of unity and belonging among the people of Pakistan whilst also celebrating their differences and diversity.  This musical voyage is Telenor’s homage to Pakistan in all its glory and colors and an epitome of the bond that we have with our customers and the country. Through our unwavering resolve towards bringing about a progressive Pakistan bolstered by the silent ‘Digital Revolution’, Telenor Pakistan has evolved as more than just a telecom provider and aims to be Rawaan on the journey to progression with the mission of empowering Pakistan.”

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Sharing his views on directing the music video, acclaimed director, Jami said,“I am delighted to collaborate with Telenor Pakistan andtake part in the country-wide Independence Day celebrations. To celebrate the special day, we are launching abeautiful national song which seeks to portray the bond and shared sentiments of our people which have been an inspiration for all my artistic impressions including TelenorRawaan.


Telenor Rawaan will be played across Pakistani TV channels and can also be viewed at Telenor Pakistan’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TelenorPk/


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