The cyber crime branch of Karachi has two people in case of fake money accusation. The culprits are being named as Waseem and Nasir. A complaint was registered by a citizen naming Mr Shehryaar to the cyber crime branch of Karachi.

The Accusation

The complaint said that some people are involved in a fake money fraud at social media. They are buying and selling items on the famous social media website OLX with fake money. The fake currency notes are given to the buyer or the seller after that they vanish with the item.

The Legal proceedings

The cyber crime branch has also recovered the fake currency notes. The F.I.R has also been registered against the arrested people under section 489(B), 419, 420 and 109 PPC and 16(1) and 14 of PECA. A letter was also issued by the Deputy Director FIA Cyber Karachi Mr Muhammad Ahmed about the up given case.

Online Frauds

The online buying and purchasing of items in Pakistan have not been a very safe thing to do. A lot of other types of scams have also been seen. There are certain groups that are working on social media that are busy in these frauds. Either they use fake currency notes and run away or they do not even have money when they come to receive the item. They snatch the items at gunpoint and the seller has no choice but to stand and see their item being purchased without the payment of money.


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