Tired of dealing with PTA approval hassles? Bank Alfalah’s Alfa Mall has got you covered! Now, Bank Alfalah credit card holders can easily get their iPhone 14 Plus PTA approved on interest-free installments. Here’s how it works:

The Deal:

  • Phone: iPhone 14 Plus (with its extended battery life!)
  • Total Cost: Rs. 139,999
  • Installment Plans:
    • 6 Months: Rs. 23,333 per month
    • 3 Months: No processing fee, but higher monthly payments
  • Zero Markup: Enjoy the same official price with no hidden fees!
  • Single Listing: Currently, just one option available (no color or storage choices)

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How to Get Started:

  1. Choose your plan: 3 or 6 months
  2. Enter your details: CNIC number and iPhone 14 Plus IMEI numbers (from box or settings)
  3. Approve multiple phones? No problem! Do it all in one go.
  4. Relax and wait: Alfa Mall will process your request.
  5. Get approved fast: Phone should be PTA approved within 12 days.
  6. Wait for the call: Alfa Mall will confirm when your phone’s ready.
  7. Want to check yourself? Track your approval status on PTA’s website or dial 8484 with your IMEI.

Important Note: This offer is exclusive to Bank Alfalah credit card holders.


  • Convenient: Get your phone PTA approved without leaving your home.
  • Affordable: Spread the cost over months with interest-free installments.
  • Quick: Approval happens within 12 days.
  • Simple: Easy online process with clear instructions.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Bank Alfalah credit card and head to Alfa Mall to get your iPhone 14 Plus PTA approved the easy way!

P.S. This is a one-liner listing with no alternate options at the moment.

I hope this rewritten article is more concise and engaging!


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