Iran’s Foreign Minister, Amirabdollahian, declared that a “preemptive action” could unfold in the coming hours, as leaders of the Resistance Front are determined to prevent any Israeli actions in Gaza without repercussions. Amirabdollahian emphasized the Resistance Front’s commitment to thwarting Israeli actions in Gaza and stated, “All options are open, and we cannot be indifferent to the war crimes committed against the people of Gaza.”

Highlighting the potential for a prolonged conflict, Amirabdollahian stated, “The resistance front is capable of waging a long-term war with the enemy (Israel),” hinting at imminent preemptive action without providing further details. Last week, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, distanced Tehran from the October 7 attack by the Tehran-backed militant Hamas group, while celebrating what he termed Israel’s “irreparable” military and intelligence defeat.

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Supporting the Palestinian cause remains integral to Iran’s identity since the 1979 revolution, positioning the Shi’ite-dominated country as a leader in the Muslim world. Tehran claims to offer moral and financial support to Hamas, the governing authority in the Gaza Strip. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, on Monday, affirmed Tehran’s backing for the Palestinian cause, while noting that the resistance front against Israel makes independent decisions.


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