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LG V40 specs leaked, phone coming in early October

The LG V40 is LG’s latest and upcoming smartphone, and it is expected to be released in October of this year. While the rumors have been floating around with regards to the capabilities of the phone, there is now almost a deal of confirmation as to what we can expect from the upcoming phone, as almost all that is to be known about the phone is leaked. Much like its predecessor, it is likely that the phone is going to please audio fans with its enhanced speakers, however, there are also a few features that the phone is likely to skip on, bringing on a ray of disappointment.

With the V40 come all the specs you’d expect in a flagship phone. The phone comes with snapdragon 845, and a standard 6GB of RAM, to go along two variants – those being a 64GB one, and a 128GB variant. The phone is expected to come with a rather disappointing 3300 mAh battery, however, this is a clear indication that LG would rather prefer going for thinner devices, than the added bulk of a bigger battery.

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The five cameras on the V40 are the real deal, though. These five include the triple lens camera on the back, coming along with a dual camera setup right on the front. If the recent rumors are anything to go by, then there are suggestions that the front facing dual cameras will actually be used as a stereo pair. On the back, it is likely that we would have the presence of a wide-aperture primary lens with both a wide angle and 2x optical zoom lens, and with specs like these for the camera, you’d pretty much expect all the photographers to be happy.

One of the major selling and talking points about the V series have always been the audio that goes along with the phones, and this trend of satisfying speakers is more than likely to follow with the V40 as well. The V40 specs include a QuadDAC and stereo Boombox sound. Impressive enough?

An IP68 rating and MIL-STD 810G certification should guarantee protection against accidental drops and dips. Though the presence of the infamous notch won’t be pleasing everyone, the 6.4 inch QHD+ P-OLED display almost certainly will.

Whether or not the V40 can challenge other flagship phones remains to be seen. The phone is impressive, however, with the competition present, there is no guarantee that it is bound to succeed.


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