Sony’s highly anticipated Sony Xperia Pro II could revolutionize smartphone photography with a groundbreaking rotating camera ring. Leaked details suggest this ring will act as a physical control mechanism for zoom, aperture, and focus, mimicking the tactile experience of a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

Intriguing Features:

Sony Xperia Pro II Leaks Hint at DSLR-Level Control with Rotating Camera Ring

  • DSLR-inspired control: The rotating ring promises intuitive adjustments for zoom, aperture, and focus, mimicking the user experience of professional cameras.
  • Variable aperture and zoom: Building on the Xperia Pro-I’s variable aperture, the Pro II might introduce a variable zoom lens, reminiscent of the Xperia 1 series.
  • Beyond built-in cameras: The ring’s functionality could extend beyond the phone’s cameras, potentially serving as a remote control interface for Sony’s mirrorless cameras when the phone acts as an external display.

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Reasons for Excitement:

  • Elevating mobile photography: This innovative approach could bridge the gap between phone cameras and professional options, appealing to photography enthusiasts and aspiring professionals.
  • Addressing limitations: Leaks hint at a wider aperture range (f/1.2-f/4.0) compared to the Pro-I’s fixed steps, addressing previous criticisms.
  • Sony’s heritage: Known for pushing boundaries in mobile imaging, Sony’s track record fuels anticipation for this groundbreaking feature.

The Wait Continues:

  • Expected launch in 2024: The Xperia Pro II is tipped for a 2024 release, following the Xperia 1 VI and 5 VI at MWC. A dedicated launch event is also a possibility.


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