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WiTribe Accused For Tax Evasion on It’s Servers Import


WiTribe Pakistan Limited has found guilty for the inappropriate Duty Tax paid on the imports of server by the  Directorate of Post Clarence Audit (PCA).

According to the sources, Customs were told that during regular audit of import data it was cleared that Wi-tribe got clearance for the duty of imports of server  by mis-classifying under PCT heading 8471.5000 as server for computers, paying customs duty at the rate of one percent and two percent instead of classifying under correct PCT heading 8517-6290 (other machines for the transmission or reception of voice, images  or other data, including switching and routing apparatus) attracting customs duty at the rate off 20 percent.

If we look for the figures; witribe has deposited short payment of Rs 49,479 customs duty Rs.918,369, sales tax Rs. 46, 942. Additional sales tax Rs 924 and income tax Rs 2,356.

The letter has been sent to the company on urgent basis stating to pay the pending amount of duty and taxes within 0 days of receipt of letter.

Incase wi-tribe has issues regarding this tax, it has to prove itself wrong by providing all the documents and evidence or other material that was involved in the import of this server before the day of hearing at court.

PCA has also offered the company reps to come in person to the department and recheck the audit details for any misunderstanding.

Source: CustomsToday


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