German ambassador warns Pakistanis over fake visa appointments and booking issues. Pakistani students prefer Germany for their higher studies as it offers quality education and lots of great scholarships programs for international students.

But, students have to go through a long process of getting a visa appointment from the German embassy in Islamabad.

The students from Punjab face a real problem to get an appointment at the German Embassy as the portal opens at around 3.00am for just a few seconds.

On the other hand, Sindh and Balochistan residents are a quite fortunate here as they book their appointments from the German Consulate General Karachi.

The problem here is many applicants don’t even have an offer letter from any German university yet. And they go for applying an appointment without offer letter. As a result, the deserving students who already got offers from universities not succeed to get an appointment

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In a nutshell, getting an appointment is a hard task for students and residents of Pakistan.

In this dispersed situation, most of the students for the consultants and they have to pay hefty fees for appointments. But most of the part, these “consultants” are a scam as they take up an excessive amount of cash but don’t assure bookings.

Moreover, these so-called consultants book fake appointments and take up the free slots as well so they can catch the attention of more hopeless students.

Highlighting the severe situation, the German Ambassador to Pakistan stated this pathetic and irresponsible behavior by consultants, saying;

“Urgent!! really angry about these so-called visa consultants! blocked 70!! appointments with fake name Arif Khan and fake passport numbers! this is irresponsible behaviour! avoid any consultants and book directly!! please retweet!

— Martin Kobler (@KoblerinPAK) “

It seems that, there is nothing that German or Pakistani authorities can do about such scammers. However, still a lot of can be done by authorities to make the life of students easier

What step can be taken to avoid the visa appointment scammers?

First of all, embassy should separate the appointment booking portal for the work visa and student visa. As, we have seen that the appointments for work visa and study visa are booked via same portal.

Many people who got work offers fail to get an appointment as students apply in massive sum as compared to the work visa applicants. Hence, most of the times students take up all the appointments.

In addition, it’s also the task of people to have a sense of responsibility. You need to apply after completing all the relevant documents. Stidents should wait for the university to give an answer to your application and then go for the next students. Apply after getting the acceptance from the university.

Before getting into trouble by fake booking scammers you need to understand that advance bookings will not help any good if you get rejected. So, complete the documents and process and then go for booking an appointment.


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