During the past week, Vice President of Huawei Group Mark Xueman visited several federal ministers and secretaries, Mark expressed his gratitude to the Government of Pakistan for their support to Huawei Technologies and willingness to do more for information communication technology (ICT) sector of Pakistan.

Since entering Pakistan in 1998, Huawei has maintained robust growth and contributed to Pakistan’s overall ICT industry development. Today employs about 1,600 people in the country, 91% of whom are Pakistani nationals.

Voice President of Huawei Technologies Emphasize that the company is committed to transform the ICT sector of Pakistan

In 2019, Huawei is planning to build up Huawei Pakistan new head office building in Islamabad, expand its Technical Support Center which will create 600 new job opportunities.

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During the meeting with the Pakistan higher officials, Mr.Mark committed to cultivating local talent in Pakistan through programs like the Huawei ICT Academy, Huawei ICT Competition and Teacher’s ICT Training program.

He further briefed that Huawei has already established 15 ICT Academy and is planning to establish another 7 Huawei ICT Academy and cultivate 3,000 ICT talents in 2019.

In the Huawei ICT Competition 2018-2019 Global Finals in July at Shenzhen, China, Pakistani students secured the second position out of the 49 teams from 30 countries.

The Pakistan higher officials while appreciating Huawei’s continued engagement in Pakistan, expecting the company could support in developing and upgrading the information technology (IT) sector of the country.


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