Wishing to enjoy totally digital life, with digital check and balance on your partner? Just deploy an app in your mobile and get started this all, with your Sunrise Smart Pillow and furnish your bedroom without a gyroscope and WiFi connection.

Features of the Sunrise Smart Pillow:

Of course, this pillow is somewhat ridiculous,  featured in such a way that it will be the cause of your sleep and wake. As it plays wireless music through a Bluetooth connection as well as a variety of white noises for you which may cause you to get into slumber. Incorporation of a gyroscope and accelerometer monitor the way you toss and turn while sleeping,  it could have helped you to keep an eye on your cheating spouse. Color changing LED  lights,  embedded in it will flip on in the morning to rouse you from your deep sleep and display a wake-up message. Mode Modern’s Sunrise Smart Pillow can also guide you through meditation sessions.  No doubt the product is packed with lot many gizmos into it.

With this pillow connected home is getting out of hand. you can arrange your bed in such a way that keeping tabs on your life partner and your start of the day will be no more your own points of worry.

All data, generated into it,  will be fed back into its associated mobile app.

You just have to pay  $300 for a pillow that will be familiar with your sleeping and awaking habits. Currently, the product is discounted to $ 130 through the end of its crowdfunding campaign.  If you wish to have the smart pillow just jump to do so otherwise you will have to pay  $300 got the thing you can get now in  $130 only.


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