OnePlus began the process of preloading Facebook’s apps as well as its services not so long ago on some of its Oxygen OS 11 devices. This of course led to some unhappy users – who largely appreciated the firms bloat-free interface. Thankfully though, this is now set to change with the arrival of the OnePlus 8T.

Indeed the Chinese company recently confirmed to Input that the new OnePlus phones will not be arriving bundled with the bevy of Facebook products. This begins with the company’s latest flagship.

Of course such a move marks a pretty quick turnaround for the firm. The likes of the OnePlus Nord arrived preloaded with the app suite, which goes on to include a number of services which cannot actually be uninstalled.

Of course adding Facebook’s wares to OnePlus OS was always going to be considered as risky play by the company. The company already came under fire for the deviation that came with the design with regards to the OxgenOS. It evolved from a near-stock Android experience to something more akin to Samsung’s very own One UI.

And of course while one might argue that the swing remains contentious, going on to add pre-installed services from Facebook as one might imagine would just add to the users’ annoyance.

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Seemingly enough, the users also played a role in the reversal. The company proceeded on to tell Input that it was in fact the backlash that was initiated by the fans that led to the company’s rethinking in the first place.

While users might be comfortable now considering the fact that their future OnePlus phones will now be Facebook-free, it wouldn’t be too surprising if OnePlus ends up rethinking this particular strategy over the course of the coming years.


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