Even though 4G has been introduced in the country for a long time now, it still seems that due to lack of awareness and the proper distribution of 4G facilities many people are either unaware of the capabilities of 4G or these are just inaccessible to them. Regardless of what reason there is, QMobile has taken the initiative of spreading 4G nationwide and Telenor would be helping them do that. The first of these would be the introduction of the KAIOS phone from QMOBILE which would be coming with a price tag of just 5Krs!

Zeeshan Qureshi, Director Marketing at QMobile, said

QMobile possesses a decade-long legacy where it always keeps in line with the needs of its customers. We see a huge potential in the Pakistani market, in terms of technological innovation and lifestyle, and the conversion of 2G users directly into 4G technology will not only help users but will also enable FinTech and eCommerce companies to connect with a large base of customers

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Zeeshan Akhtar, CEO QMobile, said

QMobile aims to bring technology and internet services to the masses thus this initiative of enabling 4G in a feature phone is definitely a milestone achieved.

Umair Mohsin, Chief Marketing Officer, Telenor Pakistan, said

Telenor Pakistan shares its vision of empowerment and technological enablement with QMobile which makes the two organizations natural partners. Our own digital penetration and ecosystem development strategies comprise of making services and hardware affordable for all and we are confident that this development will help us achieve our digital inclusion and empowerment goals.”

This is a very noble initiative and we believe that with the right mindset and a right path to follow both companies could be major players in 4G tech and successfully integrate it nationwide!


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