The Lenovo Z5 Pro GT made history when it became the first phone ever to be launched that came with an absolute unbelievable amount of RAM – 12GB. Now, while no other phone thus far has as much RAM, new reports are now suggesting that Samsung latest and upcoming flagship phone – the Galaxy S10 just might come with 12 gigs of RAM itself.

It was reported a few months ago that the Korean manufacturer would launch an S10 which would come with a ceramic body. It was initially assumed that a variant with such a body would actually be the 5G version of the Galaxy S10 – which has been referred to the Galaxy S10 X in recent times. However, now, the recent report go on to suggest that it will actually be a variant coming from the Galaxy S10 Plus instead, and it will go on to pack lots of storage as well as lots of RAM.

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This version of the Galaxy S10 Plus is said to have the model number SM-G975FC, and will come in white, as well as black ceramic variants, according to SamMobile. There has also been speculation from the China-based leaker @UniverseIce, who too has gone on to reveal with the aid of a tweet yesterday that the ceramic version of the Galaxy S10 Plus will go on to have 12 gigs if RAM, along with 1TB of internal storage.

An Samsung Galaxy S10 variant to come with 12GB RAM, 1TB Storage?

The tweet had also gone on to state why ceramic would be a big advantage to the users, since it is made via a special process, which not only make it resistant to scratches, but also makes it “resistant to falling”. Obviously, what he meant was that the phone would actually be able to survive more drops than the glass variant. However, while there would certainly be some extra protection, this feature would result in some extra weight for the phone.


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