Mobile digital payment is a pretty known term in Pakistan, many are aware of it, but to say that it is a success story in Pakistan is not a fair statement at all. Still, a developing country, more than 80 percent of Pakistan’s don’t have access to conventional and mobile banking. Most people have the habit of relying on cash, usually unaware of the ease of digital banking. Partner this with the lack of interest from the government, and you have an even deeper problem. But, at the end of the day, the situation might not be as useless as it sounds. SimSim Wallet app is here to resolve your worries.

At a recent Lahore eat food festival, there were some digital transactions going on between buyers and sellers, with the buyers buying food without handing a single rupee, in hard cash, of course. The activity was considered a pilot activity, and it still has its limitations attached due to the fact that Finja is yet to receive a proper license for these digitalized transactions.

Finja is perhaps revolutionizing how we may look at the future of the Pakistani economy. The world revolves around digital payments, with the likes of credit cards present, debit cards, and what not. This idea by Finja is not only useful, smart and innovative but also brilliant. It provides such an easy method for money transactions, with so little effort involved.

How to use SimSim app

  1. First of all download the SimSim app from App Store / Play Store.
  2. After downloading, select “Create your SimSim wallet”, you can also sign up for Finca Bank account.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and make sure to provide correct information as per your CNIC.
  4. After you’re done, the system will send you a one-time password to confirm your mobile number.
  5. If the number is confirmed, you’ll be asked to select a 4-digit PIN. (This is important).
  6. Now you’re all done and will be presented with the home screen of your wallet.

To utilize SimSim wallet, you should include cash in it. There are numerous methods for doing as such, it is possible that you can discover a Finja specialist close you to pay money and get adjust or you can exchange cash from any Bank record to the SimSim wallet.

You can likewise visit Finca Bank offices or UBL Omni operator to get cash in your wallet. On the off chance that somebody you know as of now has a SimSim account, you can likewise request that they revive your record. When you have stacked cash in your SimSim account you can utilize the greater part of its elements. Remember that the majority of the SimSim administrations are free and you can send cash to other Bank represents Rs. 1 as it were.

The highlight of SimSim is its QR Code based cash exchange framework. In the event that you need to send cash to a companion or paying at a shop, simply filter their QR code, Type sum and pay. It barely takes 20 seconds to do as such and doesn’t include paper cash or marking “futile” card charging receipts.

Finja has as of now collaborated with numerous eateries, retailers and stores to empower QR Code installments in their area. So in case, you’re eating at a restaurant, when the bill comes simply check the QR Code on the table or on the receipt and make installment easily.


The possibility that a financial balance can be opened so consistently and inside minutes through a cell phone is very intriguing. Since Pakistanis are quickly adjusting computerized mediums, there is a chance to re-develop plans of action and expelling erosion through advanced intercessions.

SimSim is a decent begin yet as of now have several alternatives for the neighborhood installments, the majority of the general population inspired by advanced installments are searching for a worldwide arrangement. So they can make and get installments to and from sites and shippers outside Pakistan.

Regardless, I preferred SimSim and ideally, they will tune into the input and enhance the application before authority dispatch. Click the link to watch relevant videos and remain connected with the Facebook presence of Finja.


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