That how to set up new AirPods

That how to set up new AirPods
That how to set up new AirPods

That how to set up new AirPods. Did you ever used AirPods? Yes I am speaking about Apple’s completely wire-free earphones introduced last December. If you have no experience with, it would be worth mentioning that these Airpods have a W1 chip inside for simple pairing between devices.

Appke’s AirPods work not less than magic. While they are easy to set up, the process may not be intuitive to all the users who have got AirPods to celebrate holiday season, so we are sharing some quick, and easily digestable instructions.

So, let us join you to experience the product and first of all do remove the AirPods from the packaging.

Now, leave the AirPods in AirPods case and power on your iPhone or iPad. Unlock your device, and go to the Home screen.

After getting to that point open up the lid to your AirPods case and hold the AirPods case with open lid that is next to your iPhone or iPad.

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Here, your iOS device would recognize the AirPods and you will be seeing a popup to connect your AirPods.

At next tap “Connect”. After tapping this you will get instructed to press & hold on the back button of the AirPods case.

You have to press it for a few seconds, after that the popup on your iPhone will change to “Connecting”.

Having completed the connection, the popup will display the battery life for both the AirPods and the case as well.

No more need to bother about the process, you have done with it and once this setup process is completed, your AirPods will re-pair to your iOS device whenever you open up the case lid of your AirPods. This re-pairing process takes only a few seconds, so your AirPods are ready to go whenever you pull them out.

Your AirPods have been linked to your iCloud account, so once you pair them with any of the devices, your other devices know that they exist and you can switch connections between your devices through the Bluetooth settings options, where AirPods would get listed on any device that you are signed into with your iCloud account.

On your iOS devices, go to Settings then go to  Bluetooth and tap “AirPods.” If you are on a Mac, click on the Bluetooth icon in the status bar and choose AirPods. Later you have to select “Connect.” In case you are on Apple TV, just open up the Settings app, and choose “Video and Audio,” then scroll down to “Audio,” and select “Audio Output” and after all choose AirPods.



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