Internal emails revealed as part of the recent Google vs. US lawsuit have brought to light what Edward Zitron’s newsletter, “where’syouredat?”, labels as “the man who killed Google Search.” Zitron’s report not only identifies the individual responsible for the decline of Google Search but also outlines the sequence of events leading to its downfall.

Despite overseeing Search through a code yellow phase, Raghavan expressed dissatisfaction, arguing that Search was still not attracting sufficient user queries. According to Zitron, the code yellow initiative entailed rolling back Search’s anti-spam safeguards from 2012 and 2018, deliberately making ads less distinguishable from regular search results.

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In 2020, five months later, Prabhakar Raghavan, who spearheaded most of these changes under code yellow, assumed leadership of the Search division. Zitron criticizes Raghavan for allegedly driving out Ben Gomes and labels him a “class traitor.” Zitron also highlights Raghavan’s prior experience with Yahoo’s search and ad business, during which Yahoo’s market share plummeted from 30.4% to nearly zero, dubbing Raghavan a “career failure.”

Concluding his piece, Zitron suggests that Prabhakar Raghavan epitomizes the consequences of allowing the tech industry to be managed by individuals and consultants who do not use the products that enrich them. Zitron asserts that Raghavan is accountable for the demise of search and insists on making his name known to readers.


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